All the development initiatives undertaken by PSF are carried out under a specific R&D centre called “Centre for Ecology & Rural Development” (CERD) jointly promoted by PSF and its sister organisation Tamil Nadu Science Forum in the year 1994

CERD works in the areas of Natural Resource Management, Health and Sanitation, Micro Enterprise Development for weaker sections with specific focus on women, use of Information Technology for rural development etc.

CERD has a field station at Bahoor called the Kalanjiyam (meaning Granary in Tamil) which acts has a hub of agriculture and technology options for the surrounding area.

CERD has a fulltime manpower structure with a committed team of scientists working on a variety of areas ranging from women’s technology, science communication, Continuing Education, Participatory Irrigation management through local democratic people’s institutions, women’s micro credit networks etc.

The latest of the projects that CERD is now implementing includes the Women’s Technology Park (WTP), an AICP Project on BIOFARM, a watershed development project in Sedappatti Block of Madurai funded by NABARD, the Tank Rehabilitation Project-Pondicherry etc.