Major Programmes Conducted throughout the year.

No. Name of Programme. Nature Outreach of the Programme. Is it periodical
 1. NCSC Education About 1000 children/year Yes Annual
 2 Make Science Competition (University of Paris) Science Projects For Govt. School Children, Puducherry Yes Annual
 3 National Science   Day Science Communication 600  Participants Yes Annual
 4 International Women’s Day Women About 4000 women Yes Annual
 5 Children’s Science Festival Science Festival About 150 children Yes Annual
 6 World Water Day Development About 100 farmers Yes Annual
 7 Book Reading Sessions Education About 10/year Frequent
8 Popular Science Communication events Science Communication About a few thousands Frequent
9 Thulir Science Clubs Education 25 centers Regular Weekly Monthly
10 Bird watching Natural Trail 40/batch Frequent
11 Nights Sky Watching Astronomy 50/batch Frequent